Club 1897 - Golf Simulator League



•  9 hole Two Man Team Better Ball, 9 hole Individual matches low handicap vs low handicap and high handicap vs high handicap. So, 3 matches in 1 round

•  Match Play (100%) - 2 points for Win / 1 point for tie total of 6 points per match

•  TEES: Flight A-Champ , B&C-Pro, D, E & F play Amateur

•  Divisions with 6 teams in each division

•  Your team round can be played at any day or time of the week there is no designated time, you can even play separate from your partner, if necessary and no fun.

•  Play each team in your division once, then playoffs. If you don’t make playoffs then the last week will either be skins game or made up game from pro shop or just play a round

•  Each week will be a different course, we will reveal the course when you show up to play

- Week 1: Mar 8-15  |  FRONT

- Week 2: Mar 15-22  |  BACK

- Week 3: Mar 22-29  |  FRONT

- Week 4: Feb 29- Apr 5  |  BACK

- Week 5: April- 5-12  |  FRONT

- Week 6: Apr 12-26  |  BACK (PLAYOFFS)



•  $150.00 per player for six weeks ($25 per week)

•  $90.00 per Full Members for six weeks ($15 per week)

•  $50.00 PER PLAYER- CASH THROW AWAY- (cash only) Onetime payment before round 1- Payout at end



•  $20.00 PER PLAYER- SKINS – (cash only) Pay outs weekly.


** All payments MUST be paid at golf shop before first round and skins collected BEFORE play each week. Get a scorecard from the golf shop and turn in hard copy after the round with all holes filled out for skins. Results are updated on website and board in sim room. Please provide emails to Please reserve all matches, don’t just show up.

Please fill out scorecards with GROSS, play every hole out for individual match and skin purposes

Atlantic City Country Club
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